ATM service offer

Planet Cash is an independent, countrywide ATM network which offers a flexible business model to all Partners, from terminal deployment and support to network participation.

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Why work with us?

  1. The Planet Cash network comprises more than 3700 ATMs and deposit terminals located throughout Poland.
  2. Our terminals can be found in the Carrefour, Intermarche and Biedronka nationwide retail chains and other convenient locations. See our locations.
  3. We use in our network and provide services for a full range of terminals of renowned ATM vendors such as Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold and NCR.
  4. We are the first network of biometric ATMs in Europe. Our terminals are the only place where users can authenticate themselves to withdraw cash with a touch of a finger. You can make this service available to your customers today.
  5. We are fully certified by Visa and MasterCard and have obtained a PCI DSS certificate.
  6. We are the only ATM network to offer banks the possibility to co-brand our terminals.

Comprehensive ATM services.

We offer different service models, based on a competency matrix, in order to deliver services optimized for your business needs.

  • ATM outsourcing

    We offer different collaboration models - partial or full ATM services, from loading and securing cash to clearing the transactions and branding the terminals.

    Let our experts analyze and optimize your network.

    Our offer includes all types of self-service terminals - freestanding indoor and outdoor, through-the-wall and recycling devices, among others. The breadth of our offer lets you choose the solution adapted to your needs.

  • Network Participation

    You can make the Planet Cash ATM network available to your own customers. Nine banks already let their customers withdraw cash from our terminals, which means that more than ten million people can enjoy preferential terms when using Planet Cash ATMs.

  • Deploying Planet Cash terminals in your locations

    We can install our terminals at your request, in bank branches or other locations. You don't need to pay for the terminal and its maintenance. Planet Cash will provide the complete solution.

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and we will design a solution adapted to your needs.