Planet Cash ATMs offer a perfect advertising medium. More than 3600 terminals, representing as many customer touch points, and more than ten million users throughout Poland provide a wide communication reach to advertisers. Strong segmentation capabilities (for example, targeting prepaid mobile users who purchase a recharge, choosing specific cities and/or locations, etc.) enable personalized communication. Planet Cash also helps advertisers choose the right ad format (sticker, video, static display, etc.).

Discover advertising opportunities offered by Planet Cash ATMs

Splash screen

A splash screen is a static ad displayed before the user inserts the card into the terminal. The ad image on the terminal's screen is visible to both the users of the ATM and the passers-by.

Splash screens are displayed in a loop, as 6-second segments.

Authorization screen

The ad is displayed during the authorization stage. The ad stays onscreen for approximately ten seconds during each transaction, and is therefore particularly effective.

Because the ATM uses only one authorization screen, the total number of ad exposures is equal to the number of transactions conducted at the terminal.

Receipt printout

The ad is printed in color on the back of the receipt.

Customers typically keep ATM receipts for record for up to two months.

Ad spot

Each of the ATM transaction screens can include an animated ad spot. An animated spot is more effective at attracting the user's attention than static displays.