Our ATM range

The Planet Cash network offers different types of terminals, which allow cash withdrawals and deposits as well as various transactions such as bill payment, balance enquiry and prepaid mobile phone recharge. The types of terminals available at Planet Cash include the classical ATMs, deposit automation and cash recyclers as well as the most advanced biometric ATMs, which let users perform all types of operations without presenting a physical card. Our network uses, and offers services for, devices of the most renowned manufacturers only, such as Diebold Nixdorf and NCR.


The most advanced technologies implemented in the ATMs owned by Planet Cash ensure the highest level of security, compliant with VISA and MasterCard requirements and the PCI DSS standard. Ergonomic and user-friendly design makes our terminals easy to use even for the most demanding customers, whilst the low wear of highest quality mechanisms minimizes operating costs. Importantly, all the devices offered by Planet Cash are environmentally friendly and follow the European RoHS directive.

Payment automation

With payment automation terminals Planet Cash offers customers a modern solution for payment of various bills, using either banknotes and coins or a payment card. This type of terminal is particularly popular in areas with reduced data transfer capabilities and/or limited Internet access. The typical users are both the traditionalists used to paying "at the cashier" and the modern banking customers who cannot go online in a remote location. Payment automation terminals allow, among others:

  • more efficient and faster cashier service,
  • faster and easier payments,
  • automated accounting of payments received.

Deposit automation

Deposit automation terminals allow customers to credit their bank account directly with cash, quickly and safely, around the clock. The device accepts, recognizes and stores the notes deposited by the user. Owners of small- and medium-sized businesses appreciate these terminals particularly, as they allow them to deposit cash outside of banking hours. Deposit automation systems are most frequently installed in shopping galleries and malls, near marketplaces and centers of smaller towns.

Cash Recycler

A cash recycler combines the cash dispensing and cash deposit functions using a closed-loop processing system. An ATM with cash recycling capability verifies the authenticity and the physical quality of the banknotes deposited by one user and dispenses the same notes to another user in a subsequent operation. This approach significantly reduces the costs related to loading and unloading of ATM banknote cassettes. Cash recyclers are most effective in locations with a high frequency of cash withdrawals and deposits, such as shopping galleries or commercial centers, as well as in smaller towns, where bank branches usually operate shorter hours.

Freestanding outside terminal

Designed to work outdoors, this type of terminal has been hardened to withstand bad weather conditions such as exterme temperatures, rain and snow, as well as to provide increased security. The biggest advantage of outdoor terminals is the free, around-th-clock access to cash it provides to customers.

Freestanding inside terminal

Designed to work indoors, this type of terminal offers small dimensions and can be installed in small or atypical rooms. The ability to load/unload the terminal from both the front and the rear of the device further optimizes the use of space. Like all other terminals in the Planet Cash network, this device is very simple and intuitive to use.

Through-the-wall terminal

This type of terminal has been designed to be installed within a building's external wall. The ATM mechanism is accessible from the inside of the building whilst the user-facing part makes it possible to withdraw cash from the outside. The ATM has a minimal footprint and cash is loaded from the rear of the device, inside the building. Highly reliable and easy to use, this ATM offers customers a convenient access to cash around the clock. A highly resistant external finish protects the ATM from changing weather conditions.

Biometric terminal

Biometric ATMs used by Planet Cash offer the most advanced and the safest technology solutions on the Polish financial services market. Biometric ATMs allow users to withdraw cash without presenting a bank card. The ATM uses Finger Vein technology to authenticate the user by scanning the blood vessel pattern of the user's finger in infrared light; the pattern is then compared with the reference image stored in the banking system. This type of biometry offers the highest level of security, significantly superior to fingerprint recognition. Finger Vein makes it possible for the customer to withdraw money from any account in any bank. Biometric ATMs also allow traditional card-based authentication: the terminal prompts the user to choose one of the two authentication methods. Planet Cash is the only network in Poland to operate Finger Vein biometric ATMs.